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     "The ISIS Pill" is a mystery thriller plucked from today's news. The FBI tries to prevent a high level ISIS operative from setting up a drug smuggling ring and in the process, they discover a covert drug packaging plant.
     Drugs have been used and abused for centuries, but especially during modern times. The ISIS Pill, or its generic name Captagon. is a highly addictive mixture of an amphetamine derivative together with caffeine and other substances.
     This formula quickly produces a euphoric intensity when given to ISIS fighters. These pills allow them to go without sleep for days, eat very little, have almost no fear of death and kill with numb, reckless abandon.
     Imagine the American death toll that could result by illegally importing large quantities of 'The ISIS Pill' into the U.S.

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A Five Star review
Well, I have finished ISIS,  and what a masterful piece of writing !   A great story  and I thoroughly enjoyed it and I am wondering if there is a sequel ?   I like the way you handle the sub-chapters like  london, and then skipping to Chicago and to Jamaica etc.   Great book!   Earl C. Little Rock

Author researching
"The ISIS Pill"

Bar Harbor, Maine
September 2015

Las Vegas  -  July 2015

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NOW . . . The Sequel

Release Date:
   September 1, 2017

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      Follow FBI Special Agent, Herbert Hanks, as he is thrown into an assignment to stop a renewed effort to smuggle the ISIS pill, Captagon, into the United States.
      He is challenged by a clever smuggler and his pal, a Saudi Prince, who seems to be a step ahead of him at every turn.
      Fly with them in the Prince's private jet as they hop from Paris to Boston, Rome to London, Barcelona to Washington and beyond.
      See how smugglers move contraband around the world and the clever ways they evade capture.