A Dance With Carlos

Book Three of a Trilogy


           Louisiana is unique as a state among the United States of America.  The French have influenced this area since the days of Napoleon.  Cajun French was the dominant language in South Louisiana during the period of this novel.
           The legacy of Huey P. Long still shapes many of today's legislative decisions.      New Orleans and Orleans Parish remain as special districts in the state.  Many of Huey's successors have served prison terms and as of this writing, the ex-governor, Edwin Edwards, remains in a cell.
           Many states have graft and corruption problems, but Louisiana seems to excel in this specialty.  This novel tries to expose some of the methods used to accomplish those deeds.  The characters are fiction, but were inspired by real people in Louisiana history.
           The series of events depicted here have roots in various family lore, hear-say, and pure fiction, all leading up to an unforgettable climax of the sex murder. 
           The book is a fictionalized account of those events. They happened only in the mind of the author and is designed to give the reader a taste of

"A Dance With Carlos"

The year 1964  -  EXERPT from the book . . .

Pierre Grimillion picked a lounge chair for another chance at his hobby. He switched to Pina Coladas to enjoy a little coconut milk flavor. The sun was low in the west and the bar was hopping. Bikini-clads were in abundance.
He watched two shapely gals emerge from the pool and towel off. It was eye candy for his sweet pupils. A shadow fell across him and he looked up.
"Well, hello," she said, "remember me?"
It was his playtime girl from the night before.
"How could I forget?"
"May we join you?"
It was then he noticed there was another girl with her.
"Of course," he said. "Let me pull up some chairs."
He rolled two lounge chairs over beside his.
"How about a Pina Colada?"
"You've switched." she said.
"Variety is the spice of life."
"This is my roommate, Vera," she said. "Vera, meet my friend, James."
He was glad she said that as he had forgotten what name he used the night before.
The waitress brought their drinks.
"Mmmm . . . good," Vera said as she took a sip.
"James makes better drinks at his cottage," said Sheila.
"You're telling secrets, now," he countered, wondering why she would let her roommate know.
"We don't have many secrets, "she said, "We've known each other more than ten years."
"Hmmm," Pierre said, sipping his drink and looking over Vera. "Do you have the same tastes in men?"
Sheila giggled and looked at Vera.
"Actually, I have a confession to make . . . I told her all about last night," she said, making bold eye contact with him.
Pierre couldn't hide his surprise. "You really don't have any secrets, do you?"
Sheila shook her head. "I'd like Vera to enjoy the experience I had last night."
Pierre couldn't believe his ears. Vera was actually better looking than Sheila.
"We decided," she continued, "for two hundred each, we could make it a threesome."
Pierre was stunned. He had heard that women off on vacation did wild things, but he never would have expected this.
"What do you say?" she asked when he didn't answer.
I'm sorry," he said, "I was just a little taken by surprise. Of course we can . . . it would be my pleasure."
Sheila stood up and said, "Let's finish these on the way."
Patrick Boudreaux and his wife watched him lead both girls out the gate from their vantage point inside the poolside bar.
"Can you believe that guy?" she said.
Patrick chuckled. "You have to admire his stamina."

This is Book 3 of the Trilogy

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