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A Book Signing at the Hope, Arkansas Watermelon Festival
Saturday, August 13, 2016

Several Book clubs and book signings

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An adventure novel Published April 2018 
   “A Shaking Experience”
Based on our recent cruise to the Panama Canal
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An Adventure into the Latest Science

The Decoding Project

The Exciting Sequel


    These novels are based on new scientific discoveries first published in August of 2012. DNA was proven to be an excellent data storage medium.


    Archeologists theorize that the history of the universe was encoded in our DNA. In the novels, two graduate students undertake to decode that history they believe to be there.


    What they find changes their lives and nearly gets them killed by interests who don’t want the truth revealed. Their DNA search becomes an international conspiracy.


“The Secret DNA Code” is available as an eBook at, Barnes & Noble, &


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“The DNA Conspiracy”

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“What Do We Do With
What We’ve Learned”

“The Cruising Serial Killer”

“The Cruising Black Widow”

“Mystery On Elbow Cay”

“The Secret DNA Code”

“The ISIS Pill”

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Mystery Novels and Non-fiction by Michael Don Fess

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A Secret in Black  Read part  Leaping out of today's news

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The ISIS Pill  -   A Mystery Thriller Plucked From Today’s News

A Pill Is Bitter  -  Sequel  -  today’s real news in a fictional format (just released)

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A 2015 Series   2 cutting edge novels  -   View Short Video Book Trailer

          “The Secret DNA Code” & “The DNA Conspiracy”



The Caribbean Mystery Series   4 books  -  View Short Video Book Trailer

          “The Cruising Serial Killer”          “The Cruising Black Widow”

          “Mystery on Elbow Cay”              “Her Two Week Cruise”



Historical Fiction   -   3 books

          “A Political Dance”             “Dancing With The Mafia”          “A Dance With Carlos”



Non-Fiction   -   2 books

          “What Do We Do With What We’ve Learned”           “Know Your Time”



Other Novels      “Casino Scams”             “A Shaking Experience”

                                                    “Are We Energy Parcels”         “A Petit Jean Mystery”




Kinky Erotic Novel              “The Not-So-Little Rock”




Other Authors   XXX Erotic Novels by Kit Fox

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“A Wild Sexy Cruise”   “Adventures of Foxy”  “An Evening With A Rock Star”   





The Latest Mystery Novel

“A Secret In Black”

A current events novel

Experience today’s world in a way you’ll never forget !

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“The ISIS Pill”


A Mystery Thriller

Plucked From

Today’s News


Learn about Captagon,

a highly addictive drug

These extremists plan

to smuggle ISIS Pills

into the U.S.

The Sequel is an eBook

“A Pill Is Bitter”


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Writer’s Conference


An Erotic Novel  XXX

Full of history and intrigue


Read Part



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We trace the history of war and religion . . .

the two biggest money pits of mankind.


Thought provoking . . .




 on a ten day cruise through the Panama Canal

during November 2017 . . . a fun trip

Three days of speaking and autographing books

and researching a new novel in Columbia,

Panama, Costa Rica and Grand Cayman

( that’s me in the Caribbean costume signing books )

Updated January 2020


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in 2018


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It’s a WOW

Michael Don Fess


A speaker at Arkansas Writer’s Conference

June 4, 2016 in Little Rock, again June 2, 2018


A speaker and Book Signing “The Gathering of Authors” in Texarkana

October 29, 2016


Speaker at Author’s Marketing Event Dallas July 28, 2018


Speaker on a Cruise Ship and book signing

November 2017 Cruise to the Panama Canal


Speaker at several Civic Groups, Rotary Clubs and Kiwanis Clubs




A Contemporary Erotic Novel 

      published by


“All About Phil”  an introspective novel